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The Poyner Family

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Meet Todd, Natalie, Kylee, Kaycie, Khloey and Jaxson- Another one of my cutie patootie families. I give these two parents some extra points in my book- whew 4 kids is tough. It takes very special people to have enough patience to have 4 kids, I've seen it with my sister who has 2 sets of twins and these special people are definitely Todd and Natalie. I've know Natalie for along time, she had I go way back. I met Natalie about 8 years ago. Before she was married, before I was even with Mike. In fact Natalie was my boss when I worked at Skip and Jans Sports Bar- that's where I met Mike- awwwwww. She and I have been through a lot and she is one special person to me. She's a great listener, great advice giver and a great person to pull you back down to reality when you're just not thinking straight. I went to their wedding, saw Kylee a few hours after she was born and have watched her add on an addition to her family with beautiful children and 1 great husband.

We headed down to Mill to take some pictures and even though it was a little rough to get them all to look at the camera and smile, I think we still got some great shots and I had a great time hanging out with her kids.
Kylee is 6, Kaycie is 4, Khloey is 2 and Jaxson is 6 months-wow huh? Beautiful little girls that look just like Natalie and they all have her adorable red hair. Jaxson looks just like Todd and is a big boy. He is 1 pound lighter than Hunter who is 16 months. He was so good and I don't think I heard a peep out of him the entire session but with 3 sisters and being the only boy I'm sure he won't get much to say anyway.

This is one of my favorite pictures of them- it shows that families aren't picture perfect and it shows they are just being kids- it made me laugh out loud when I opened this picture.

Natalie and Todd, thank you so much for letting me hang out with you and your beautiful kids. You two are truly special people and I love having you in my life.

You can check out their slideshow by clicking HERE
(I hope you enjoy the song Natalie) :)

This is KaycieThis is KyleeThis is KhloeyThis is Jaxson

1 comment:

Beaton Photography said...

Very Cute family photos....I love some of the individual "captures" of kids at play! Great work!