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Ruidoso Day 1 & 2

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Well we've made it to Ruidoso. We actually drove to Las Cruces which is where I grew up. It's 6 hours to there and we usually do the final 2 hours the next morning to Ruidoso. This is the view you get coming into Las Cruces, it's so beautiful and I love coming in during the night.

Friday morning we had plans for breakfast to meet my best friend when I was little. Here is Emily. I haven't seen her in about 15 years but she looks the same to me. She and I got our picture in the paper when we were 7 rolling skating down the street. She and I cut our hair to be like each other and even tried to dress the same. She is also my partner in crime for the infamous stealing of gum at the Pic Quik that we both got caught by my parents. Oh my gosh, we cried for hours. That was when we were 7 and I have never stollen anything in my life since then.
My parents had planned to join us for breakfast but as my mom was loading up the car with luggage she fell down the stairs and ended up with this. She broke her arm in 3 places and now has to have surgery to fix it. What a way to start out a vacation huh? This is the view of the mountain driving into Ruidoso. Here is White Mountain. Not much snow on the mountain. :(

Reagan in the car, bored out of her mind. Do you have any idea how many times we were asked "are we there yet?"

To pass the time, Reagan tried to keep Hunter amused.
And he finds it very funny!
This is us the first night hanging out in the condo. The kids really enjoyed up and down the stairs, especially little Trenten.My mom and grandmotherMy Aunt Bonnie and sister TishaMy shy nephew Pierce, afraid of the cameraMy dad and sister Kristy
Kaitlyn and Reagan hanging with the big boys
Guitar Hero was pretty popular at the condo. Here is my sister Kristy and nephew Garrett, rockin' out!!!

Hunter loves to entertain the girls

Mike playing double duty with catching football and watching the kids

This is the greatest invention to keep kids where you want them to stay- you should try in sometime.

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Courtney said...

oh my gosh, this vacation looks like SO much fun! I love that your whole family together...that is so awesome tha you guys do that! That's how vacation's are meant to be spent...I hope you guys have a terrific time!