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The Poyner Family

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hunter started getting a cough two days ago. I kept watching it, watching for the fever and nothing. Last night the cough started to get a little worse when he went to bed and he didn't feel very good. I brought him into our bed with us so we could keep an eye on him and not have to actually get out of bed as many times. Believe me we need our sleep. It must have been about 2:30am and he started coughing. We heard that noise, you know the noise that they are going to throw up in the next 2 seconds. And even though Mike and I were sleeping, we both shot out of bed at the exact same time like we were shot out of a canon. I grabbed Hunter to rush him to the toilet. Both Mike and I are blind as a bat so manoeuvring into the bathroom blind and on top of it being pitch black didn't help. I tried to throw on the lights and poor Hunter made it just inches from the toilet.
At the time it surely isn't fun, but I think back to those few seconds and it just makes me laugh. Parents are so funny and amazingly quick even when they can't see. We spent the rest of the night on edge and yes he did continue to throw up. But mom got smart and put a trash can by the bed so it would be a little easier for all of us involved.

Natalie is one of those friends I can tell these stories to and she just gets it. With four kids, she is always doing something like that. It's fun to share funny memories, stories and lots of advice on our kids. They are such a sweet little family and it's amazing how much they all look a like. The genes run deep in their family!

You can view their slideshow by clicking here!!!!

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