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Welcome Baby Claire- Chandler Newborn Photographer

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What is it with little boys and dirt?  Seriously it attracts to them easier than girls.  Hunter can take a shower and I swear be dirty again in 30 minutes just sitting in his room.
The other night at one of his baseball games, they hadn't wet the ground before the game so the dirt kept kicking up.  It was horrible to watch, such a dusty game and the boys were just standing in it the whole time.  Hunter came up to bat and tripped and rolled at first base.  A cloud of dust followed and fell on him.  He ran around the bases, came into home and slid.  More dirt. In really good in the pants.  As he was walking to the dugout one of his coaches held up his hand to give Hunter a high-5.  When their hands met a cloud of dust puffed in the air and we all busted up laughing.  It was like he was Pig Pen from Snoopy.  Oh that boy was dirty and to think I still had to force him to take a shower because. "I am not dirty mom!!!!". UGH!!

Sweet little girls like little Claire are so clean and smell so good.  She made her debut in September and was so good during our shoot.  What a cutie!!

You can see her slideshow and more images by clicking below!

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