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The Big D

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

No I don't mean DIVORCE-I mean DALLAS. Thursday afternoon my good friend Brooke called me and needed some help in Dallas. And thought maybe by chance I might like to fly there with here and her daughter Revé at the last minute. Revé is in a dance company that competes in Queen Creek and they all flew to Dallas for Regionals. Well normally I wouldn't have been able to, my weekends are always jammed packed. This past weekend was going to be spent doing laundry, cleaning out closets, pulling weeds, etc.

So I pulled some strings, (meaning I begged my husband to let me go) and off I flew late Friday night.
I had never been to Dallas before and was really excited to see some sights, and to see this big dance competition.
All the girls in the competition were ages 5-18 and really good. Wow there were a lot of great dancers there. I've never seen so much glitter, hairspray, rhinestones, make-up and leg warmers. These Dallas moms mean business when it comes to their Bedazzler!!

I'm a little scared I might be looking at our lives in about 2 years if Reagan keeps up with dance. Right now it's innocent tutus and teddy bear songs. :)

The girls started out their weekend talking classes. Here is the little girls class.

Revé practicing.

I love these leg warmers, I think they say it all!

I love this shot- great movement, huh?

Don't you think these girls belong on Broadway?

I don't think I've ever been as dolled up as this- OMG!!!

Revé after one of her cutie patootie classes.

Revé giving me her little hip hop pose.

When you become a dancer, apparently your feet get this dirty. :)

Next stop while we had a break, Dallas Stadium- Home of the cowboys. Now you all now my husband is from New York so we HAVE to be Giant fans but it was an awesome treat to take a tour of this stadium. It's world famous and so neat to be in.

These guys were having a private birthday party- how awesome for a grown man to have all his buddies play on this field for his birthday. We are in one of the private suites here.
Next stop was in the actual locker room- these were really the only names I recognized. And last on to the field

Here was the birthday boy! Awesome.Do you think any of the Dallas Cowboy football players can do this after a touch down? We stopped for lunch afterwards. Reve enjoying her milk shake.

The second day we were there we headed to the JFK museum and the spot where he was shot and killed in Dallas. It's unbelievable there. Another photographer I know, Kenny Kim, had just gone there last week and took some awesome pictures so I had to see it for myself. After seeing the evidence yourself, the location and everything involved you know right away, Lee Harvey Oswald didn't do it. There is huge conspiracy that Johnson, Nixon and Hoover were in on it. Surprisingly Nixon just happened to be in Dallas the night before on a "business trip." hmmmm?

This is the fence they believe the real shot came from that killed JFK.

Here is Brooke, Revé and I in front of the spot he was shot.

This man was there that day at the age of 13, right in front of where it happened. He is telling us stories of what he remembered, and what actually happened. Very interesting man to listen to.

They have the actual spot marked on the street of where he was shot.

This is what they believe the 6th story window that Lee Harvey Oswald stood from and shot. They have turned the entire 6th floor into a museum of JFK. His life and everything that happened that day. I wasn't even close to being alive then but listening to actual of audio of them racing the President to the hospital, hearing reports of things that were happening and hearing the nation's response really got me teary eyed. It was a horrible day. Awesome museum. If you are ever in Dallas, check it out.d

The second day the whole company had to perform a dance called "Kai." It's an African style dance, totally awesome. They actually ended up taking 1st place over all. Here is Revé getting ready for the performance.

Here are the girls practicing before their performance backstage.

I think these outfits are all for one girl. WOW

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Courtney said...

these are awesome, girlie! Great job documenting your trip...felt like I was there (I was in spirit!) I hope you had a great deserve a little fun time!!